Crazy about beer? Visit Brussels.


Brussels is really not your typical tourist destination. Sure, it has Atomium, amazing squares, tiny streets packed with restaurants, great palaces and gothic cathedrals, but sadly lacks some of the personality and the wibe cities like London, Paris or Amsterdam have. Neverheless, the capital of the European Union still has a lot to offer. The twice fried potato chips are simply awesome, but there are two more important things that could make your visit worthwhile: beer and chocolate.

The Belgians have more than 100 breweries producing 800 different kinds of beer. Most of them make strong beer (6-8%), but that's actually not that bad when you get used to it. Another cool thing about it is that they always serve beer with the appropriate branded glass. So, if you're into drinking different beers each day or each round, look no further. Here a few highlights from my beer discovery run in Brussels.

Brussels Belgium Beer Menu

A nice beer menu

Brussels Belgium Beer Pub

A pub with more than 40 beers on tap

Brussels Belgium Beer Glasses

Each beer gets its own glass

Brussels Belgium Beer Kwak

Kwak beer - the fanciest glass of them all

Brussels Belgium Beer Shop

A beer shop

A few more things you might find interesting:

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