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Hi there.

In case you don't know me in the real world, my name is Grega Stritar and this is my blog. Well, actually I like to call it Chronolog, as it is not an ordinary blog, but a chronological portait of my cyber life, as seen by different web services available around. A collection of pretty uninteresting information floating in cyberspace, extended with my thoughts, feelings and ideas.

I am Slovenian and everything that comes with it. Slovenians like to tell themselves they are not alcoholics, even though their biggest idol and poet wrote a drinking song which accidentally became their anthem. Slovenians like to tell themselves they are neither workaholics nor too easy going, even though they adopted the German way of working and the Balkan way of relaxing. Slovenians really hope that one day they will get noticed, and this is a small contribution to that effort.

My biggest passion in life is IT, from every aspect possible. Databases, objects, classes, graphical design and user experience - the tools for transforming real life organisation, processes and behaviour into superior software. The Chronolog is one try at that, though still young and inexperienced.

There's Neolab, a startup based in Ljubljana, which we use to manifest our visions. We do all sorts of systems and services, but in the latter time we are concentrating mainly on our little ERP framework, something that has been evolving for few years now. It is becoming quite interesting, as we are concentrating on implementing more and more Web 2.0 type-of services into business oriented IT, such as Project Management or CRM.

I will keep you posted about how that goes, and my blog will probably be oriented mainly in that sort of a business-techno-web direction, with a bit of an artistic flair. Nevertheless, you can also expect a diversified assortment of other interesting information, which is hopefully not just geeky stuff except I don't notice.

If you ask me, Information must flow, and it is all about that.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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