New York in spring - a photo story


This spring I was taken to New York for my birthday. I've have never been there, but this great birthday gift finally gave me the chance to discover and feel this huge metropolis. It's needless to say it's an urban jungle packed with variety of culture and people, living a much faster life than that in Europe. The city is impressive, but you usually get aware of that after you are back home. But then again, that's also the perfect excuse to go back for more. A half year after my trip I can say New York is an amazing city, with too many places to mention, and not enough places to rest. Here a a few of my impressions from the capital of the world.


New York's famous skyline is surely one of the most recognizable in the world. Observed from the rooftops or from the ground, it's something you can't get tired of.

South Manhattan

View over South Manhattan from The Empire State Building

Central Manhattan

View over Central Manhattan from the East river


The streets of New York extend from avenues packed with locals and tourists, to small and culturally diversified streets of Soho and China Town. After a few days of the madness you can understand why Brooklyn is the place where most of the people want to live.

New York Avenue

One of the avenues

Times Square

Times Square at night


The peaceful roads of Brooklyn


There aren't any real old building in New York, such as we are accustomed to see in Europe, but the shear massiveness of the constructions easily compensate for that fact.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge


We did most of the travel on foot, so you can get the best impression of the city. Subways are appropriate for long distances, where you usually get entertained by different performers. And of course, you have to get a cab sometime just for the kicks.


Walking the streets of New York

Subway Mariachi

Mariachis on a subway

New York Cab

A cab for the rainy days


From hot dogs to inappropriately fattening burgers, the food variety in New York goes far beyond the local offer.

New York Hamburger

A hamburger meal, worth 1.700+ calories

Korean Barbecue

Korean do-it-yourself barbecue


There are lots of things you can do in New York, from museums to shows, from shopping to partying. After all, it's the city that never sleeps.

Central Park Little League

Little league in Central Park

Toys 'R' Us

T-Rex robot inside the Toys "R" Us store

Mash Helicopter

Mash helicopter in the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA)

Hard Rock Cafe Paul McCartney's Bass Guitar

Paul McCartney's bass guitar in Hard Rock Cafe

New York is a place worth visiting, and I will definitely be coming back. It's not that expensive to live there, but additional things, such as fees and tickets can be quite pricey. But at the end of the day, that's a small issue if you do decide to go visit New Amsterdam. The most influential city of the world.

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