Once upon a time I was thinking about how to make my Facebook profile more intereting and cool. I was trying to go for something that would self-brand me well (concerning my professional expertise) and at the same time be fun to read and show creativeness. Then I got the idea of displaying myself as a role-playing game character.

I guess the following description can be a bit beyond neutral, after all it's me evaluating me. But anyways, here are my skills:

Geek - level 49
System architect - level 44
Business analyst - level 40
Programmer - level 36
Web expert - level 35
Data analyst - level 32
Manager - level 29
Social media ninja - level 27

Marketing expert - level 19
Party animal - level 17
iFan - level 16
Graphic designer - level 15
Freerider - level 13
System/network/database admin - level 10
Guitar player - level 9
Soccer player - level 7
DJ - level 5

Really geeky, I know. But still, I think that portraying information through different prisms (established in different environments) is fun and should be used. Perhaps knowledge is hidden somewhere and nobody noticed.

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