IT 2.0

There is a new concept in town, and it is called IT 2.0. It's embedding approaches, discovered by and for Web 2.0, into business oriented software and systems. In contrast with Enterprise 2.0, it doesn't use partial solutions, such as corporate blogs or wikis, the high level services are integrated into the core of corporate applications instead.

I've already made a blog post about it, which describes the background and highlights some features of IT 2.0. It is still in half prototype stage, but hopefully, as Neolab evolves, we will be able to add new functionality into our software and upgrade the ones we already developed. The mini-feed, which is our showpiece, already has multilingual support and can display itself across business objects hierarchy, defined in our system.

Hopefully this will also be the main theme of my upcoming masters degree. If I find myself some time to scientifically prove it's sensible and it works. Business facts prove me right, the built in social networking is very useful for small multinational companies' team building and cooperation, and data visualization helps users to have a better insight into the process flow and be able to make better information out of data at hand. Now all I need are 100 pages about it. Correction, 99.

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