Volkswagen. Das Auto. Simply brilliant.


You know when car manufacturers try to market their products with meaningful slogans? "Today. Tomorrow. Toyota.", "Seat. Auto emoción.", "Ford. Build for the road ahead.", "Citroën. Créative technologie.", "Volvo. For life.", "Audi. Keeping ahead through technology.", "Škoda. Simply clever.", "Porsche. There is no substitute.", "Mercedes. The best or nothing.", "Hyundai. New thinking. New possibilities.", "Cadillac. Creating a higher standard." and similar? I'm sure you do.

These words try to capture the essence of each automotive company, but at the same time unwillingly determine which of them will be perceived similarly. Some try to be technology driven (Toyota, Audi, Citroën), some try to be luxurious and irreplaceable (Mercedes, Porsche, Cadillac), some try to be the rational choice (Škoda), some try to influence emotion (Seat, Citroën), some try to look ahead (Hyundai, Ford) and some try be long lasting (Toyota, Volvo). You have many choices about who you want to be when you're buying a new car.

When presented together, you can see that these slogans are no so different from each other, since it's hard to go over the top with just a few words. But there is a car brand that managed to do just that. I don't own a Volkswagen or have plans to buy one in the future, but I can't help myself - this is simply awesome:

Volkswagen. Das Auto.

"Das" works great. It sounds rough and manly, and it's unmistakably German. The German economy is relatively healthy compared to other countries in Europe, and the quality of German engineering is known worldwide. "Das Auto" or "The (German) Car" symbolizes all of that and much more.

This slogan, even though more simple than all of the above, actually delivers the same the message as all of them combined. Technology driven: checked. Looking ahead: checked. High quality and long lasting: checked. Rational choice (combined with Volkswagen or people's car): checked. And if you have a fetish for German products, like many cultures do, you can check the emotional and luxury component as well. All of it packed in two words that tell everything: Das Auto. I want one.

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