The Silicon Valley tour, part 3: The magnificent Stanford University


There probably aren't many institutions associated with Silicon Valley the way Stanford University is. Its affiliates and graduates played a major role in the development of the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, which would later on become known as the Silicon Valley. The spirit of entrepreneurship, technology, science and research is felt everywhere, and Stanford University will surely be one of the most fascinating stops on my Silicon Valley trip.

Stanford University can only be described as the American educational dream. At least the way Europeans imagine it, thanks of pop culture and television shows such as Beverly Hills 90210. The perfect mixture of easiness and seriousness is manifested in the campus itself, which is filled with amazing parks and glorious squares and buildings. It's beautiful, but also tempting for a person like me, who is still playing around with the idea of being a student for a few more years.

We managed to spend some time with Jure Leskovec from Slovenia, who is an assistant professor there. His research is focused mostly on data mining and network analysis, very fascinating fields that I'm very interested in too. He gave as a tour of the campus and took us to the Institute of Design, an inspiring place where all sort of crazy things are researched and developed. Later on he proudly presented his lab, which was sponsored by Google. A great-looking place indeed, I hope he didn't notice me drooling all over it.

Stanford University - the mother of all knowledge, located right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Seeing it helps you understand why this region is miles ahead of anyone else in technology, and definitely makes you want to study there. It's simply magnificent.

Stanford University Main Entrance Park

The Oval: a beautiful park, located in front of the main entrance from Palo Alto

Stanford University View From Hoover Tower

The view on the campus from the Hoover tower

Stanford University Street

One of the beautiful streets

Stanford University Arches

Arches are practically everywhere

Stanford University Institute Of Design Robots

The Institute of design: some students programming robots

Stanford University Institute Of Design Brainstorming

The Institute of design: results from a few intense brainstorming sessions

Stanford University Jure Leskovec Lab By Google

Jure Leskovec's lab, where he and his students do their magic

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