The Silicon Valley tour, part 2:'s San Francisco HQ aka the Slovenian hall of tech


There's this very cool place in San Francisco, a place where I'm staying while I'm on my Silicon Valley tour.'s Bay Area headquarters, where not only people from Slovenia, but also from a few other countries currently live, work and play. This giant loft now gathers individuals from technology startups into a giant hub of solutions, people and ideas. Filled with hopes and expectations, this is definitely something I'm proud to be a part of.

There are currently 8 people living here, from, Zemanta,, the Austrian startup blossom and me, representing Twenity and Neolab. A pretty wicked bunch of people having both productive and fun sessions.

The place is huge, with a giant living room, kitchen, dining area, working tables everywhere, and a very cool chill-out zone on what used to be a stage. There's a separate bar and a DJ area, besides a few rooms for sleeping. An awesome hackspace, probably few times better than my flat.

I can't describe how important this place is. Besides giving me and others shelter, the opportunity to hang out here and share knowledge and ideas with other people from the industry is crucial, I've learned so much in a few days, it's unbelievable.

These kinds of things should be subsidized by the government. In our case, is doing more for the Slovenian technology startup scene than most other public projects are, for a much smaller investment. By allowing people to be here in Silicon Valley, trying to find investors, exploring new ways of doing business, or just learning about the culture around here, the reach of Slovenian startups has widened by miles. All thanks to a few individuals with great ideas. San Francisco Living Room

A huge living room, the center of our everyday lives San Francisco Kitchen Dining room

The kitchen and the dining area San Francisco Hackspace

The chill-out zone, where you can work or relax San Francisco Bar DJ

The bar and DJ area San Francisco Slovenian Party

Highlight from the Slovenian party, to which we've invited everybody from Slovenia that lives around here

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