Redesigning the blog - behold the Chronolog


The development of my blog is well on the way. The idea and the concept is a lot clearer and I am already coding it. The construct is based on a clone between a blog, friendfeed and hopefully some other web 2.0 elements. I am a heavy web 2.0 user, and there is a lot of interesting and useless information about me on different web 2.0 portals. Therefore I though, why should I leave it go to waste and make yet another separate pool of information in the form of a blog?

Nobody is checking out my 3,500+ online bookmarks or 35,000+ listened songs which I so carefully collected. That is why I will try to reuse them and combine them all into an integrated system, my Chronolog, which will hopefully make some use out of all that data publicly available.

In this first step, my chronolog will publish the following posts, which will probably be displayed more as a timeline than as a random group of articles:

  • My bookmarks from Delicious
  • My tweets from Twitter
  • My loved songs from
  • My custom blog posts
  • update: My movie reviews from Flixter

We will see, perhaps it will turn out great, or perhaps it will be just another interersing, but dumb idea.

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written 30.5.2009 21:24 CET on chronolog
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