Proud: My blog will be a Mac


The dispute between Mac, Windows and Linux users is neverending, so we will not even try to go there. Personally, I have been using a Mac for the past two and a half years and I have my reasons to like it. It costs twice as much as an alternative would, but for a guy who spends 25 hours a day behind a computer, this seems not so unreasonable. And the biggest benefit? Mac OS X, of course.

Mac OS X is both a toy and a high performance tool at the same time. It is cute and fun to use, but it also owns many creative in useful features. Many of them are getting implemented into our software and some of them I tried to build in into this blog. Here's a few:

  • Things that are tecnhically equivalent, don't need to be represented equally in the interface: On a Mac, you can change your network location (with IP settings) with one click from the start menu, a thing laptop users often need. In Windows, you have to go to Control Panel, Network Settings, etc., because this feature is technically similar to changing my computer's name. A feature used very often...
    I did a similar thing on my chronolog. Blog is much more represented in the interface, than f.i. Loved tracks, because those posts are more interesting and dynamic. But they are the same thing from the technical point of view.
  • Ajax: Most tech guys would say that AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a meaning that can't be argued with. But for me it also represents a new type of user experience, which has not been seen on the web before it.
    Mac OS X user experience is just lovely with all the smooth transitions, transparencies and the the cute "ajax" loader...
  • Web 2.0 design: Web 2.0 simply loves those pretty icons with reflections, which are, if you haven't noticed, also used on this blog. Hm, where have I seen those before Web 2.0?

A few more things you might find interesting:

written 6.6.2009 22:47 CET on chronolog
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