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I don't know if you've heard, but the past year has been very generous to Slovenian startups. A new generation of companies like Layer, CubeSensors, Databox and Povio introduced innovative services in the technology sector, while products like FlyKly, Lumu, Musguard and Chipolo rocked Kickstarter with their fashionably designed solutions. If you take into account the veterans that have been around for years, you can see are slowly reaching a point where it's becoming hard to mention everybody worth mentioning. The scale of the Slovenian startup ecosystem can be understood by checking out this infographic provided by Yougo.

The supporting infrastructure and community that's emerged around these startups is thriving as well, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Even though I've started working on new things, I still don't have a huge success story of my own to tell, but I'm doing my best to support those who do. By spreading the word, blogging about it here and on other blogs (Whiteboard, Inventures), by collecting news about great solutions and people. And this is where I need your help.


You've probably heard about Flipboard. Their new service offers anyone to create his/her own magazine, which combines articles from various sources into a single journal, and the results are pretty neat. By now, I've managed to collect more that 150 articles about Slovenian startups, which cover the following companies (some have already ceased existing, and some have pivoted into a different brand): Azumio, BabyWatch, Beezinga,, CarLock, Celtra, Chipolo, CubeSensors, Databox / Zeppelin, Dawn of Play (Dream of Pixels), DORA, DoubleRecall, eBeat, Equaleyes / 2ndsight, Fieldoo, Flaviar, Flowr, H20-Pal, Iddiction, Iptvbeat, Layer, LLStol, Lumu, Lyst, Koofr, JollyDeck, Mediately, Motiviti, Musguard, Ondu,, Outfit7, Peekster, Povio, Red Pitaya, Toonia, Toshl, Vert, Visionect,, Xvida, Zemanta. Check it out.

While I'm trying to make this magazine as relevant as possible, there are surely many others I have missed, and here's where you can come in. What I am looking for are other interesting articles about Slovenian startups in English (so non-Slovenians can understand them as well), preferably published by foreign media. I am also looking for other successful startups and go-getting people which I've missed, so I can put them on this list. All of this will help me keep the magazine fresh and up-to-date, creating an online news hub accessible to anyone.

So, if you know something, ping me on Twitter, contact me or make a comment below. Become a part of the ecosystem, our startups surely need all the exposure they can get. Thanks.

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