My 50th blog post. Time to contemplate.


It's been a while since I've started blogging. I'm proud of what I've achieved so far, but this is just the beginning and a prologue into greater things coming in the future. I did it on my own custom platform, which enables me to play around with features and information presentation, something I like to do whenever possible. I didn't expect it to be this hard, at least in the time it takes me to write a good post with images and references, besides the time I need to promote it using all means necessary. But it's definitely been a fun ride, and the need to express myself has truly been satisfied.

Usually I'm not that fond of "about me and my life" blogging, but since this great jubilee came around, I feel it's quite suitable. Almost a year after I published my blog (it's been officially presented on September 14th 2009), I managed to write about 50 articles, which makes it about one a week on average. The general content did shape in the way I expected and projected – mostly about technology, IT and web - and hopefully I will be able to continue in a similar way. I'm happy with the result, even though I rather won't read my old posts again, just in case.

According to Google Analytics, I succeeded in attracting around 4,000 unique visitors, which is clashing a bit with my count on the strongest post I've made, but I count non-unique visits, so this discrepancy is explainable. These visitors came from 93 different countries, which means using social media channels for distribution and promotion can get you far away from home. I was even lucky enough to make some of my posts go viral, and the one I feel most proud of is the one about Facebook and Twitter, which received a stunning 136 retweets. Pretty cool for a simple geek from Slovenia.

You can expect even more innovative chronolog features and demonstrations of technology in the future, as I'm planning to upgrade it even further, whenever I will get a good idea and some extra time to develop it. Perhaps even a graphic redesign will come around sometime, but for now this will have to do. The chronolog is becoming the most exact portrait of my virtual presence, so I'm prepared to invest all the energy needed into making it as interesting as possible.

Enough with the emotional stuff. I hope you are enjoying my discussions, I will try to make them even better as I evolve as a writer. And yes, I actually lied a bit, because technically speaking this is already post no. 53. Since I've been heavily involved on our Twitfluence project for the past month, my activity also included 3 supporting posts which made me forget that I've already went past the round mark. But this post was meant to happen for months, so I'm still counting it as the big number 50.

Thanks for coming around, and stay tuned for more. The chronolog is slowly becoming mature, and so is this blogger. Mature enough to fully appreciate any suggestion, critic or comment about what can be done or improved, so go wild.

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written 24.8.2010 18:33 CET on chronolog
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Thanks Nick. Your blog is also interesting, hopefully we will be able to join forces one day!
commented 30.8.2010 15:13 CET by Stritar
The Chronolog is one of the coolest mash up blogs I've ever read... and I must say your writing is just getting better and better, Stritar... Love the choice of topics too, all around you get a solid A from me!!
commented 29.8.2010 22:31 CET by Nick Taylor
Thanks jaka, you are very kind. I hope we will be able to see your results soon too.
commented 25.8.2010 22:45 CET by Stritar
i enjoy reading your posts! I think it would be great to see new (special) blog design for your 100th post or maybe 77th ;). best wishes to you and your company
commented 25.8.2010 22:12 CET by jaka

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