Tesla Model S is from the future


In two years, we were supposed to have self-lacing shoes, weather control and flying cars. Instead, all we got are non-self-lacing shoes, global warming, and well - no flying cars. Of course, most of us have phones that are more powerful than a typical computer ten years ago, but who cares about that, that doesn't feel like the future. Or a guy that's been singing and broadcasting Space Oddity from space. Or Google's awesome new toy that will take ages to come around. No, that doesn't cut it. We need something that's available to have right here, right now!

Not that Tesla Model S is available to a normal person. But it's here now, and it's definitely from the future.

Tesla Main

Welcome aboard

Tesla Dashboard

Make yourself comfortable

Tesla Screen

Ready to takeoff

Tesla Charging

The rumors are true

Tesla Car

Did I mention she's beautiful?

I've had the opportunity to try out how it feels (thanks mihazerko!). The complete package is like nothing you've ever seen before, not even close. Beautiful, silent, high-tech. A spaceship. There aren't any knobs or handles anywhere inside, just screens. Just software, minimal and effective. What an iPad is compared to a PC, Tesla S is compared to a regular car. Which is a fucking huge deal. We have different expectations about the evolution of cars than we do about gadgets. We know computers advance with light speed, but cars have been the same for decades. And they're still not flying.

But Tesla Model S is so awesome it doesn't need to fly to be from the future. It only needs to deliver the experience of it.

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