New features on the chronolog: Blogroll, RSS, Twitter client


Less than a year after launching the chronolog, it’s already obvious that I made the right decision by developing my own platform. Usual blogging platforms are rigid and resemble news portals. I went more towards web 2.0 approach, because I like thinking out of the box and making something special. Hundreds of hours went into chronolog's development and some modules don't actually bring any real value add, but still, I think that the features I built in make it fully comparable with any other blogging platform. Now I have my hands free to take it anywhere I choose and believe me, it will be fun, creative and interesting.

The first wave of features were focused mostly on internal optimization and getting the most out of the data available. The recommendation engine is working like a charm, and the statistics and analytics offer interesting insight into the chronolog information flow. Now, the time has finally come to go towards externalization, towards openness and connectivity with other platforms, services and people. Information must flow not only on the inside, but also on the outside.


Blogrolls are the social networking of the blogosphere. I designed mine web 2.0 style, in context with the whole concept of the chronolog. I admit I am a bit new into this environment and blogging, so the list is a bit short for now, but I’m sure I will be able to add more and more people that have interesting things to say and interesting achievements to show as we go along.


My blog's core is based on RSS feeds, where information from various sources get combined into one unified stream, the chronolog. A lot of other services and aggregators on the market also stand on the basis of RSS. Now, finally, after all this time, the amazingly anticipated, so much appreciated, different RSS feeds for different chronolog views are available for your reading pleasures.

Twitter client

I'm saving the best for the last, and this one is pretty awesome. My chronolog is now a registered Twitter client, able to post links and thoughts directly to Twitter using its API. This is both cool and useful, because until this point, the chronolog was only able to read data from various sources, but now it's also able to generate data. This opens a whole new set of interesting opportunities, both in the direction of building a complete Twitter client, as in the direction of full integration with other online services. Did I mention it was cool?

I'm quite happy with the whole situation and the chronolog's development. Sometimes it's hard to invest both into content and into technology on one single project, but this thing has already gone too far not to use and abuse it even more. I like challenges, so If you have any cool suggestions, they will be more than welcome, but for now this is it. I like to play.

A few more things you might find interesting:

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