Looks like Slovene marketers and their billboards finally found Facebook


Lately I've been noticing an interesting trend in local advertising. Billboards all across Slovenia started to display Facebook icons or even links to Facebook pages. Since Slovenia is a few years behind in adopting new marketing approaches, this came as a bit of a surprise, it may have even produced a bit of patriotic pride. Look at that, advertisers have finally started to see the potential in digital and social, looks like we are not that out after all.

This proves Facebook is very much in the game in Slovenia. Out of 1.3 million people online, 650 thousand are on Facebook, which is around half of the wired population. Comparing the figures local statistics, Facebook is among the top sites, which is a potential goldmine for marketers. And they are not sleeping – quite a few local brands already have more than 100k followers (top global brands have tens of millions). And since spamming people's timelines is free after they become fans, no further explaination is needed.

Supporters on social networks are getting more and more important, so thumbs up for this one. But don't forget two important things. A Facebook page is not a replacement, but rather an addition to your regular web page (some of you don't even provide URLs to your sites any more). Secondly, Facebook fans are worth nothing if you don't know what to do with them. So don't stop here, set your social goals, publish and interact.

The billboard photos are available in the gallery below. At this point, only Facebook is used by advertisers, but other social services will surely follow soon. What do you think will be next major online marketing frontier in Slovenia? YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or even FourSquare?

Calvo Tuna Facebook Poster

Calvo Tuna

Ford Focus Facebook Poster

Ford Focus

Laguna Mestna plaža Facebook Poster

Laguna Mestna plaža

Renault Scenic Facebook Poster

Renault Scenic

T-2 Facebook Poster


Union Sola Limonada

Union Sola Limonada

Zavarovalnica Maribor, Glej na cesto Facebook Poster

Zavarovalnica Maribor, Glej na cesto

UPDATE (4.9.2011): Looks like Ford went over the top with the offline Facebook Like button included on their summer edition billboards.

Ford Fiesta Facebook Poster

Ford Fiesta

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