Looking for heaven on earth? You might find it in Alta Badia, Italy.


I always look forward to that time of year when I finally get to go snowboarding. To the mountains, to the snow, to the Alps. One week packed with winter sport activities. For the past few years, this meant traveling 900 km from Slovenia to France. Even though I've been skiing pretty much in all Alpine countries - Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, France simply has the best ski slopes, and the French really know how to do tourism. I've been to four different places in France (Val Thorens, Les 2 Alpes, Alpe d'Huez and Tignes), and there's a pattern they all seem to follow. These ski resorts are usually somewhere at the end of a valley (on an altitude of around 2.000 meters), with ski lifts in all directions from there, going up to around 3.500 meters. The towns are probably artificially made, with shops and bars both over and underground. Everything works in such a way that you are living in a big isolated community with thousands of other tourists, but still have 20 meters to the nearest ski trail. As good as it gets.

This year, I went snowboarding with a different gang, returning to Italy after many years. We went to the heart of Dolomites, to the Sella group, which consists of four different ski resorts, most famous being Arabba, Val Gardena and Alta Badia. And I was pleasantly surprised. The fact that we've had four days of snowing (dry powder to be exact), followed by two days of sun, made this freerider a very happy person. But to top it all, we've spent our last (sunny) day in Alta Badia, which is simply one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Alta Badia is a ski slope in on a plateau of some sort, meaning it's relatively low in altitude, surrounded by valleys and high mountains in the distance. We've had to travel quite a distance to get there (on skis), but the trip was well worth it. To be honest, the ski runs there are nothing special, but the view, that's what we came for! And we were not the only ones, there was a photo shoot taking place while we were there. A few runs and a beer later I was even more amazed by the nature that surrounded me, discovering one of those places that you can't believe they exist. Alta Badia, a place you have to visit someday. I know I will, hopefully for more than one day the next time. Check out the gallery below.

Alta Badia from Corvara

This is what greets you if you come to Alta Badia from Corvara.

Alta Badia view

The view to the left.

Alta Badia view

The view to the right.

Alta Badia Las Vegas

You just have to stop for a bit.

Alta Badia Plateau

Drool over this.

Alta Badia Powder

Not enough time to ride all of it.

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