Hey developer, here's something that will make you sound smart


I've met many developers in my life, and quite a few of them share a similar problem. Being mathematical geniuses and all, but not being able to put into words what the hell they are doing. At least so it would sound marketable and awesome. After all, it's not their job to sound smart, the developer's role in the Hipster - Hustler - Hacker dream team is a bit different. But talking like an MBA can have it's advantages, specially when it comes to individuals communicating with their clients.


Take my example, half of the time my customers don't fully understand what I'm saying even though I'm trying really hard. But I've noticed some phrases have a better effect than others, some simply sound like special awesome things are happening (which they are) and that everything is under control. The funny thing is that the recipe to speak like that is very simple: say hi to the MBA developer talk.

[MBA verb] + [technical noun] = [#mbadev]

The equation for the #mbadev talk is elementary. Take a power verb that has a really active meaning. Like "structuring", "evaluating" or "utilizing". These are often used to make an activity sound way cooler than it actually is. Then, take a noun that is very hacker-specific, something that non-technical people don't fully understand. Like "metadata", "framework" or "encapsulation". Put them together, and you have a winner. Developers, face it, no one really understands what you're saying, so you might as well make it sound cool.

"Dear client, I'm very busy structuring metadata, thank you for your understanding".

The MBA developer talk seems such a great concept that we've even made a generator for it. Feel free to take it for a spin, you'll be amazed by how such a basic combination can yield such interesting results. Now all developers can sound really smart.


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