If you truly don't know what the Chronolog does or how it works, we have a bit of an awkward problem. I was hoping I designed it really good and you being not able to use is surely not my fault. But if you are here just for curiosity, I can do a bit of bragging about how cool it is, and perhaps everybody else will also be able to make something out of it.

The basic of the Chronolog is a clone between friendfeed and a blog with tweets and bookmarks on the right, except it is cooked into one big dish, for now featuring my blog posts, bookmarks, loved songs, tweets and comments. The posts are displayed chronologically; this gives them another graphical viewpoint and displays actuality of the information.

You can switch different views either from the option box top right of the screen, or from the footer, where all possible views are displayed. I am also working on an advanced custom view, but this feature will have to wait a bit, because I'm eager to go live with what I've got.

Note that the Categories and Archives on the bottom are displayed as tag clouds. This approach is an experiment, and it is there to enable richer information using visual elements. That is actually the main thing tag clouds usually do, too bad they are not used very often by designers and developers on things other than tag clouds.

The posts can be liked or commented by using the buttons on the bottom of the post. Your feedback of any type will be apreciated, and your actions studied and used for designing future generations of the Chronolog.

Now you know everything. Go for it.

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